Książka z przepisami Asus Motherboard P4ge Vm

Książka z przepisami Asus Motherboard P4ge Vm to podręcznik, który uczy Cię, jak dostosować swój komputer za pomocą płyty głównej Asus P4ge Vm. Książka zawiera szczegółowe instrukcje dotyczące konfiguracji i dostosowywania elementów płyty głównej, a także kroki, które należy wykonać, aby zoptymalizować wydajność systemu. Książka zawiera również wskazówki dotyczące instalacji i konfiguracji komponentów sprzętowych takich jak procesory, karty graficzne, pamięci RAM i dyski twarde. Dodatkowo, Książka z przepisami Asus Motherboard P4ge Vm zawiera informacje dotyczące instalacji systemu operacyjnego oraz narzędzi diagnostycznych. Książka jest idealna dla osób, które chcą zwiększyć swoje zrozumienie dotyczące działania i dostosowywania płyty głównej Asus P4ge Vm.

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Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 1

User Guide

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 2
Checklist E1166 First Edition November 2002 Copyright © 2002 ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. All Rights Reserved. No part of this manual, including the products and software described in it, may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form or by any means, except documentation kept by the purchaser for backup purposes, without the express written permission of ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. (“ASUS”). Product warranty or service will not be exten
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 3
Contents Notices............................................................................................ v Safety information.......................................................................... vi About this guide............................................................................. vii ASUS contact information............................................................ viii P4GE-VM specifications summary................................................. ix Chapter 1: Prod
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 4
Safeguards Contents 2. 3 Main Menu........................................................................ 2-10 2. 3. 1 Primary and Secondary Master/Slave................. 2-12 2. 2 Keyboard Features.............................................. 2-14 2. 4 Advanced Menu............................................................... 2-15 2. 4. 1 Chip Configuration............................................... 2-17 2. 2 I/O Device Configuration...................................... 2-19 2. 3 PCI
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 5
Notices Federal Communications Commission Statement This device complies with FCC Rules Part 15. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: • This device may not cause harmful interference, and • This device must accept any interference received including interference that may cause undesired operation. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable p
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 6
Safety information Electrical safety • To prevent electrical shock hazard, disconnect the power cable from the electrical outlet before relocating the system. • When adding or removing devices to or from the system, ensure that the power cables for the devices are unplugged before the signal cables are connected. If possible, disconnect all power cables from the existing system before you add a device. • Before connecting or removing signal cables from the motherboard, ensure that all power cabl
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 7
About this guide Conventions used in this guide To make sure that you perform certain tasks properly, take note of the following symbols used throughout this manual. WARNING: Information to prevent injury to yourself when trying to complete a task. CAUTION: Information to prevent damage to the components when trying to complete a task. IMPORTANT: Information that you MUST follow to complete a task. NOTE: Tips and additional information to aid in completing a task. Where to find more information
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 8
ASUS contact information ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. (Asia-Pacific) Address: 150 Li-Te Road, Peitou, Taipei, Taiwan 112 General Tel: +886-2-2894-3447 General Fax: +886-2-2894-3449 General Email: info@asus. com. tw Technical Support MB/Others (Tel): +886-2-2890-7121 (English) Notebook (Tel): +886-2-2890-7122 (English) Desktop/Server (Tel): +886-2-2890-7123 (English) Support Fax: +886-2-2890-7698 Support Email: tsd@asus. tw Web Site: www. asus. tw Newsgroup: cscnews. tw ASUS COMPUTER INTERNAT
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 9
P4GE-VM specifications summary ® ® CPU Socket 478 for Intel Pentium 4/Celeron On-die 512KB/256KB L2 cache with full speed ® Intel Hyper-Threading technology ready New power design for up to 3. 06 GHz or faster speed Chipset Intel 82845GE GMCH Intel 82801DB ICH4 Front Side Bus (FSB) 533/400 MHz Memory 2 x 184-pin DDR DIMM sockets for up to 2GB memory Supports PC2700/PC2100 (FSB533) or PC2100/PC1600 (FSB400) unbuffered non-ECC DDR DIMMs Expansion slots 1 x AGP 4X (1. 5V only) 3 x PCI VGA Integrat
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 10
P4GE-VM specifications summary BIOS features 2Mb Flash ROM, Award BIOS, TCAV, PnP, DMI2. 0, WfM2. 0, SM BIOS2. 3, CrashFree BIOS, ASUS EZ Flash Industry standard PCI 2. 2, USB 2. 0 Manageability WfM 2. 0. DMI 2. 0, WOL/WOR by PME, chassis intrusion, SMBus Form Factor Micro-ATX form factor: 9. 6 in x 8. 6 in (24. 5 cm x 21. 9 cm) Support CD contents Device drivers ASUS PC Probe ASUS LiveUpdate Trend Micro™ PC-cillin 2002 anti-virus software * Specifications are subject to change without notice. x
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 11
Chapter 1 This chapter describes the features of the P4GE-VM motherboard. It includes brief descriptions of the motherboard components, and illustrations of the layout, jumper settings, and connectors. Product introduction
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 12
1. 1 Welcome! ® Thank you for buying the ASUS P4GE-VM motherboard! The ASUS P4GE-VM motherboard delivers a host of new features and latest technologies making it another standout in the long line of ASUS quality motherboards! ® ® The motherboard incorporates the Intel Pentium 4 Processor in 478-pin package ® coupled with the Intel 845GE chipset to set a new benchmark for a cost-effective desktop platform solution. Supporting up to 2GB of system memory with PC2700/2100/1600 DDR SDRAM, high-res
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 13
1. 3 Motherboard components Before you install the motherboard, learn about its major components and available features to facilitate the installation and future upgrades. Refer to the succeeding pages for the component descriptions. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 18 17 10 11 16 12 15 14 13 19 20 21 22 23 24 29 28 27 26 25 ASUS P4GE-VM motherboard user guide 1-3
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 14
DIP switches. This 5-pin Dual Inline Package (DIP) switches allows you to 1 select the CPU frequency multiple. ATX 12V connector. This power connector connects the 4-pin 12V plug from 2 the ATX 12V power supply. 3 CPU socket. A 478-pin surface mount, Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket for ® ® the Intel Pentium 4 Processor, with 533/400 MHz system bus that allows 4. 3GB/s and 3. 2GB/s data transfer rates, respectively. ® 4 North bridge controller. The Intel 845GE Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 15
Standby power LED. This LED lights up if there is a standby power on the 14 motherboard. This LED acts as a reminder to turn off the system power before plugging or unplugging devices. 15 Audio CODEC. The RealTek ALC650 is an AC’97 CODEC that allows 6-channel audio playback. The audio CODEC provides six DAC channels for 5. 1 surround sound, S/PDIF interface, AUX and Line In stereo inputs, integrated headphone amplifier, greater than 90dB dynamic range, and Mic PREAMP support. (on audio models on
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 16
1. 4 Motherboard layout 21. 9cm (8. 6in) ® PS/2KBMS T: Mouse CPU_FAN1 Super B: Keyboard USBPWR_34 I/O Socket 478 Bottom: USB20-3 KBPWR1 USB20-4 COM1 VGA Intel 845GE CHA_FAN1 USBPWR_12 Graphic Memory USB2. 0 Top: Controller ATX12V1 T: USB20_1 RJ-45 Hub (GMCH) B: USB20_2 Top:Line In Center:Line Out Below:Mic In 0 1 2 3 DIMM1 DIMM2 LAN PHY Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) AGP_WARN FP_AUDIO PCI1 Intel I/O Controller P4GE-VM SB_PWR Hub AUX CD (ICH4) PCI2 SMB 2. 0 BCS2 BCS1 BATTERY1 Audio Codec PCI3 C
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 17
1. 5 Before you proceed Take note of the following precautions before you install motherboard components or change any motherboard settings. 1. Unplug the power cord from the wall socket before touching any component. 2. Use a grounded wrist strap or touch a safely grounded object or to a metal object, such as the power supply case, before handling components to avoid damaging them due to static electricity. Hold components by the edges to avoid touching the ICs on them. Whenever you unins
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 18
1. 6 Motherboard installation Before you install the motherboard, study the configuration of your chassis to ensure that the motherboard fits into it. The motherboard uses the micro-ATX form factor that measures 9. 6 inches x 8. 6 inches (24. 9 cm). Make sure to unplug the power cord before installing or removing the motherboard. Failure to do so may cause you physical injury and damage motherboard components. 6. 1 Placement direction When installing the motherboard, make sure that you p
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 19
1. 7 Central Processing Unit (CPU) 1. 7. 1 Overview The motherboard comes with a surface mount 478-pin Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) ® ® socket. The socket is designed for the Intel Pentium 4 Processor in the 478-pin package with 512KB L2 cache on 0. 13 micron process. This processor supports 533/400MHz front side bus (FSB), and allows data transfer rates of 4. 2GB/s and 3. 2GB/s. Gold Mark Note in the illustration that the CPU has a gold triangular mark on one corner. This mark indicates the processor P
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 20
1. 2 Installing the CPU Follow these steps to install a CPU. Locate the 478-pin ZIF socket on the motherboard. Unlock the socket by pressing the lever sideways, then lift it up to a 90°- 100° angle. Socket Lever 90 - 100 Make sure that the socket lever is lifted up to 90°-100° angle, otherwise the CPU does not fit in completely. Position the CPU above the socket Gold Mark such that its marked corner matches the base of the socket lever. Carefully insert the CPU into the socket unti

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