Informacje dotyczące bezpieczeństwa Craftsman 3 75 Hp 17 Inch Tine Width 917 2922

Craftsman 3 75 Hp 17 Inch Tine Width 917 2922 to wytrzymała i wszechstronna końska sekatora. Jest wyposażony w 3,75 KM silnik, który wytwarza 17 cali szerokości tine. Jest to bardzo przydatne narzędzie, które może być używane do cięcia chwastów, zarówno na łąkach, jak i w ogrodzie. Aby zapewnić bezpieczeństwo użytkownika, Craftsman 3 75 Hp 17 Inch Tine Width 917 2922 wyposażone jest w rękojeść zabezpieczającą i zasłonę chroniącą użytkownika. Dodatkowo, Craftsman 3 75 Hp 17 Inch Tine Width 917 2922 wyposażony jest w dodatkowe bezpieczniki, które zapobiegają ewentualnym obrażeniom. Narzędzie to jest także wyposażone w specjalny system łatwego chwytu, który ułatwia chwyt i przenoszenie narzędzia.

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Owner's Manual
3. 75 HP
Model No.
917. 292200
o Safety
• Assembly
o Operation
o Maintenance
o Repair Parts
For answers to your questions
about this product, Call:
Read and follow all
1. -800-659=5917
Safety Rules and Instructions
Sears Craftsman Help Line
5 am - 5 pm, Mon - Sat
before operating this equipment
Sears, Roebuck and Co,, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

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Safety Rules................................................ 2 Service and Adjustments........................ 13 Warranty..................................................... 2 Storage..................................................... 16 Product Specifications................................ 4 Troubleshooting...................................... 18 Illustrated Parts List............................... 20 Assembly................................................. 6 Operation..........
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OPERATION MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE o Do not put hands or feet near or under • Keep machine, attachments, and rotating pad& accessories in safe working condition.. o Exercise extreme caution when operat- o Check shear pins, engine mounting ing on or crossing gravel drives, walks, bolts, and other bolts at frequent inter- or roads. Stay alert for hidden hazards vals for proper tightness to be sure the or traffic. Do not carry passengers. equipment is in safe working condition. o Never store the mac
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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Use the correct tools as necessary to insure proper tightness. HORSEPOWER: 3. 75 HP MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT I-- DISPLACEMENT: 9. 03 CU_IN. A Sears Maintenance Agreement is avail- (148CC) able on this product. Corrtact your nearest Sears store for details. GASOLINE CAPACITY: 2 Quarts Unleaded Regular CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES o Read and observe the safety rules.. OIL (API-SF/SG/SH): SAE 30 o Follow a regular schedule in maintain- (Above 32°F) ing, cadng for and using your tille
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OPERATOR'S POSITION TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY When right or left hand is mentioned ir A socket wrench set will make assembly this manual, it means when you are in easier, Standard wrench sizes are listed, the operating position (standing (1) Utility knife behind tiller handles)° (1) Pair of pliers (1) Screwdriver (2) 1/2" wrenches Front E! J Left Right Operator's Position CONTENTS OF HARDWARE PACK G © (2) Hex Bolts 5/16-18 x 3/4 (2) Hex Bolts 5/16-18 x 1 (6) Hex Nuts 5/16-18 (4) Washers 3/8 x
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UNPACK CARTON & INSTALL HAN- Engine Bracket Halves DLE Nut "A" _CAUTION: Be careful of exposed sta- ples when handling or disposing of carton- / ing material. Depth Stake IMPORTANT:: When uNpacking and as- Support sembling tiller, be careful not to stretch or kinK cable(s). = Cut cable ties securing handles. o The handle may be assembled in high or low position,, Slowly lift handle as- sembly up and align handle holes with _X Stake b/ Support Bolt desired handle panel hole and slot. Stake Spring
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KNOWYOURTILLER READTHISOWNER'SMANUALANDSAFETYRULESBEFOREOPERATING YOUR TILLER, Comparethe illustrationswithyourtillerto familiarizeyourselfwiththelocationofvari- ouscontrolsandadjustments. Savethis manualfor futurereference. Thesesymbols mayappear on your Tiller or in literature supplied with the prod- uct. Learnand understand their meaning. TILLING FORWARD NEUTRAL REVERSE CAUTION ENGINE ENGINE FAST SLOW CHOKE FUEL OIL OR WARNING ON OFF rward Tine Control t" Throttle Control Choke Control _...,.,
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Theoperationof anytillercanresultinforeignobjectsthrownintothe eyes, whichcanresultin severeeyedamage. Alwayswearsafetyglassesor eye shieldsbeforestartingyourtiller andwhiletilling, We recommend a widevision safetymaskoverthe spectaclesor standardsafetyglasses. HOW TO USE YOUR TILLER o For normal tilling, set depth stake at the second or third hole from the top, Know how to operate all controls before adding fuel and oil or attempting to start WHEELS engine_ Adjust wheels by removing the hairpin
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" Tilt tillerbackonits whe_lsandthenre- _ START ENGINE level CAUTION: Keep tine control in "OFF" o Withenginelevel, refillto pointof over- position when starting engine° flowingif necessary. Replaceoilfiller When starting engine for the first time or if plug. engine has run out of fuel, it will take extra o Forcoldweatheroperationyoushould pulls of the recoil starter to move fuel from changeoil for easierstarting(See "OIL the tank to the engine. VISCOSITYCHART intheCustomer Responsibilities sectio
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o Start engine, tip tines off ground by Then go back over the entire area at pressing handles down and engage tine right angles. There are two reasons for control to start fine rotation. Allow tines doing this. First, wide turns are much to rotate for five minutes. easier to negotiate than about-faces_ o Check tine operation and adjust if nec- Second, the tiller won't be pulling itself, essary. See '%INE OPERATION and you, toward the row next to ito CHECK" in the Service and Adjustments Set dept
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SCHEDULE -b ¢o MAINTENANCE _ ILL OATES SERVICE DATES REGULAR SERVICE Check Engine Oil Level _ I_ Change Engine Oi! 6_'1, 2 Oil Pivot Points Inspect Spark Arrestor / Muffler Inspect Air Screen Clean or Replace Air Cleaner Cartridge i6/2 Clean Engine Cylinder Fins 6, 4" Replace Spark Plug j 6/ 1- Change more often when operating under a heavy load or In high ambient temperatures 2 - Service more often when operating In dirty or dusly conditions GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS LUBRICATION CHART The warrant
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Disconnect sparkplugwire beforeper- ° Refill engine with oil. See "FILL forminganymaintenance (exceptcarbure- ENGINE WITH OIL" in the Operation toradjustment) to preventaccidentalstart- section of this manual. ingof engine. Preventfires! Keeptheenginefreeof Oil Drain grass, leaves, spilledoil, or fuel Remove fuelfromtankbeforetippingunitfor main- Plug_ tenance. Cleanmufflerareaof allgrass, dirt, anddebri& Oil Level Do not touch hot muffler or cylinder fins as Oil Filter Plug contact may cause burn&
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SPARK PLUG CylinderFins Replace spark plugs at the beginning of Blower each tilling season or after every 50 hours / Housing of use, whichever comes first. Spark plug Mu, type and gap setting is shown in "PROD-. j Air Screen UCT SPECIFICATIONS" on page 4 of this manual TRANSMISSION) Your transmission is sealed and will only require lubricationif it is serviced. MUFFLER CLEANING Do not operate tiller without muffler. Do not tamper with exhaust system. Damaged o Clean engine, wheels, finish, etc.
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NARROW TILLING/CULT_VATmNG - spring and engaging tines. Loosen 12-3/4" PATH cable clip and push down on cable only enough to relieve spring tension. • Remove outer'tines. Tighten cable clip_ ° Recheck in "OFF" position arrd adjust if necessary. FINAL CHECK "ON" POSITION o With fine control "ON" (held down to handle) push down on handle to raise Inner Tines Only tines off the ground_ o Slowly pull recoil starter handle while NARROW CULTIVATING - 12-1/2" PATH observ! ng tine& Tines should rotate fo
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FINAL SETTING CapNutand o Start engine and allow to warm for five minute& Cap_ _er o With throttle control in "SLOW" position_ IDLE RPM ADJUSTMENT Oe, t uor - • To adjust idle RPM, rotate throttle link- age counterclockwise and hold against stop while adjusting idle speed adjusting Nut _- / screw to obtain 1750 RPM Release throttle linkage. High speed stop is factory adjusted. Do TO REPLACE V-BELT not adjust or damage may resulL Replace V-belt if it has stretched consider- IMPORTANT: Never tamper
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NOTE: Fuel stabilizer is an acceptable Immediately prepareyourtillerfor storage attheendof theseasonor if theunitwill alternative in minimizing the formation of notbeusedfor 30daysor more,, fuel gum deposits during storage. Add sta- bilizer to gasoline in fuel tank or storage, _kCAUTION: Never' store the tiller with container. Always follow the mix ratio gasoline in the tank inside a building found on stabilizer container: Run engine where fumes may reach an open flame or at least 10 minutes aft
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CORRECTION PROBLEM CAUSE Will not start 1, OUt of fuel 1, Fill fuel tank 2, See "TO START ENGINE" inthe 2 Engine not"CHOKED" properly Operation section 3, Wait several minutes before & Engine flooded attempting to start 4 Clean or replace air cleaner car 4_ Dirty air cleaner tridge 5. Water in fuel 5 Drain fueltank and carburetor, and refill tank with fresh gasoline 6 Remove fuel tank and clean 6 Clogged fueltank 7. Loose spark plug wire, 7, Make sure spark plug wire is seat ed properly on plug,
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CAUSE CORRECTION PROBLEM 1. Check oil level/change oil. Engine overheats 1, Low oil level/dirty oil 2 Clean engine air screen 2 Dirty engine sir screen,. 3. Clean cylinder fins, air screen, muf 3, Dirty engine tier area. 4. Remove and clean muffler 4. Partially plugged muffler. 5 Adjust carburetor to dcher posi 5. Improper carburetor tion adjustment Excessive bounce/ 1. Ground too dry and hard. 1_ Moisten ground or wait for more favorable soil conditions difficult handling 2 Adjust wheels and de
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REPAIR PARTS TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER 917. 292200 HANDLE ASSEMBLY 22 3 6 16 20 15 19 18 KEY PART DESCRIPTION KEY PART DESCRIPTION NO. NO. 1 137176X574 Bracket, Handle 14 74760516 Belt, Hex Hd 5/! 6-18 x 1 2 72140512 "Bolt, Carriage 5/16-18 UNC 15 74760512 Bolt, Hex Hd 5/16-18 x 3/4 x 1-l/2 16 10040500 "Washer, Lock 5/16 3 73680500 "Lecknut, Crown 5/16-18 17 7322050 *Nut, Hex 5/16-18 4 19111116 "Washer 11/32x 11/16 x 16 Ga 18 98000129 "Nut, Flanged 5/16-18 5 151473 Handle, LH 19 72146506 "Bol
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REPAIR PARTS TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER 917. 292200 BELT GUARD AND PULLEY ASSEMBLY _ 7 9 1 3 KEY PART DESCRIPTION KEY PART DESCRIPTION NO. Bolt, BeltGuard 1 23230506 *Screw, Set, ForgedSocket, 15 132213 Headless 5/16-18 x 3/8 16 12000036 Ring, Kllp 2 130811 Pulley, Engine 17 73350600 *Nut, Hex, Jam 3/8-16 Pulley, Idler 3 122965X Bracket Assembly, Guard, Belt 18 161806 4 72140404 *Bolt, Carriage 1/4-20 x 1/2 19 162290 Idler Arm Assembly 5 74610812 Bolt, Hex 1/2-20 x 3/4 20 74760620 *Bolt, H

Informacje dotyczące bezpieczeństwa Craftsman 3 75 Hp 17 Inch Tine Width 917 2922

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