Aktualizacja Podręcznik Bosch Dvas

Aktualizacja podręcznika Bosch Dvas jest ważnym narzędziem dla techników samochodowych pracujących z Bosch. Podręcznik został stworzony w celu ułatwienia wykonywania wszelkich napraw samochodowych z wykorzystaniem Bosch. Aktualizacja zawiera najnowsze informacje dotyczące produktów, procedur i narzędzi Bosch, a także sugestie dotyczące technicznego wykonywania napraw. Podręcznik jest aktualizowany co trzy miesiące, aby zapewnić technikom samochodowym najnowsze informacje i wskazówki dotyczące wykonywania napraw. Aktualizacja podręcznika Bosch Dvas pozwala technikom samochodowym pracować skuteczniej i z większą wiedzą.

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Instruction Manual
EN Digital Video Array

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| DVAS Series | Instruction Manual | Important Safeguards EN 2 Important Safeguards 1. Read, Follow, and Retain Instructions - All safety 10. Power Sources - Operate the unit only from the type and operating instructions should be read and of power source indicated on the label. If unsure of followed before operating the unit. Retain instructions the type of power supply to use, contact your dealer for future reference. or local power company. 2. Heed Warnings – Adhere to all warnings on the un
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| DVAS Series | Instruction Manual | Safety Precautions EN 3 WARNING: For Indoor Product Electrostatic-sensitive device. Use 1. Water and Moisture - Do not use this unit near proper CMOS/MOSFET handling water - for example, in a wet basement, in an precautions to avoid electrostatic ATTENTION OBSERVE PRECAUTIONS discharge. unprotected outdoor installation, or in any area FOR HANDLING ELECTROSTATIC SENSITIVE DEVICES classified as a wet location. Object and Liquid Entry - Never push objects
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| DVAS Series | Instruction Manual | FCC & ICES Information EN 4 FCC & ICES INFORMATION Sécurité (U. S. A. and Canadian Models Only) This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, ATTENTION: POUR ÉVITER TOUT RISQUE D'ÉLECTROCUTION, and N'ESSAYEZ PAS DE RETIRER LE CAPOT (OU LE PANNEAU (2) This device must accept any interference ARRIÈRE). CET APPAREIL NE CONTIENT AUCUN COMPOSANT received,
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| DVAS Series | Instruction Manual | Safety Precautions EN 6 Zasady Bezpieczeństwa PRZESTROGA: ABY ZMNIEJSZYĆ RYZYKO PORAŻENIA ELEKTRYCZNEGO, NIE NALEŻY ZDEJMOWAĆ POKRYWY GÓRNEJ (ani tylnej). WEWNĄTRZ URZĄDZENIA NIE MA ŻADNYCH ELEMENTÓW, KTÓRE MOGĄ BYĆ NAPRAWIANE SAMODZIELNIE PRZEZ UŻYTKOWNIKA. SERWIS NALEŻY ZLECAĆ WYKWALIFIKOWANYM PRACOWNIKOM OBSŁUGI. Ten symbol wskazuje na obecność nieizolowanego „niebezpiecznego napięcia” we wnętrzu urządzenia. Napięcie to grozi porażeniem elektrycznym. Użyt
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| DVAS Series | Instruction Manual | Table of Contents EN 7 Table of Contents Important Safeguards.................................................................. 2 FCC & ICES Information.............................................................. 4 1PRODUCT INTRODUCTION.................................................
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| DVAS Series | Instruction Manual | Table of Contents EN 8 8. 5 Map Volume.................................................................. 29 8. 6 Rename Volume............................................................... 7 Rename Array................................................................
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| DVAS Series | Instruction Manual | Product Introduction EN 9 1PRODUCT INTRODUCTION 2UNPACKING DVAS Series Digital Video Array is a high speed, fault 2. 1 Safety Concerns tolerant RAID subsystem design. It uses a mid-plane •Computer components and disk drives are design to eliminate the problems associated with cable sensitive to static charge. Take precautions to interconnects. Unlike conventional RAID products, the divert any electrostatic charge from your person DVAS Series disk array uses A
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| DVAS Series | Instruction Manual | Unpacking EN 10 On receipt of your DVAS Series disk array, ensure that 2. 2 Serviceable Parts no damage has been sustained in transit and that you This product has no user serviceable parts. Any have received the following items: attempts to remove this product’s cover may result in loss of warranty. If the unit ever needs repair service, •DVAS Chassis with Controller Board and Power contact the nearest Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Supply/Fan Assembly Installe
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| DVAS Series | Instruction Manual | Physical Components EN 11 3. 2 RAID Controller 3. 1 Insertion A RAID controller should not be inserted while the unit is powered on. Shut down before replacing a faulty RAID controller. Insert the RAID controller into its slot, lining up the metal runners with the internal guides. Firmly push the RAID controller fully into the chassis until the side clips click into place. 3. 2 Removal Power down before removing a faulty controller. Push the controller si
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| DVAS Series | Instruction Manual | Product Overview EN 12 4PRODUCT OVERVIEW Drive Module Chassis Services LEDs Reset Button Drive Status Indicators Drive Release Button Drive Release Lever Figure 2 DVAS Front Power Switch Fan or Optional Power Supply Mains Connector Release Lever Raid Controller Release Caps Serial Port Network Connector Blank Panel Disk Channel & Loop Through Figure 3 DVAS Rear Bosch Security Systems | 20 January 2004
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| DVAS Series | Instruction Manual | LED Display EN 13 5LED DISPLAY Temperature + Ventilation Status Power Supply Status Management Alarm Silence Button Disk Drive Alarm Disk Activity Figure 4 LED Display 5. 1 Status Indicators LED Status Temperature and Ventilation Status GREEN LED indicates that blowers are operating at an acceptable RPM, and the internal temperature sensors are within acceptable limits. Alternating GREEN and RED LED indicates a predicted blower failure, or rapid temperature i
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| DVAS | Instruction Manual | Before You Begin EN 14 These configurations suit most applications, but if not, 6BEFORE YOU BEGIN or to use additional features, you must set up the Ensure the following: network connection and access the GUI. See • Installation environment is less than 40°C. SECTION 6. 2, Setting up the Network Connection. • The front drive bays and rear ventilation panels Use the GUI interface to: are not obstructed. •Add a Hot Spare. •Main Power is sufficient to handle the load of
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| DVAS | Instruction Manual | Before You Begin EN 15 6. 3 Manually Setting the IP Address Using a web browser program (Netscape or Internet Explorer), type the unit’s IP address in the URL and press GO (the default IP address is 10. 11. 12. 13). Figure 5 Setting the IP Address When the login page is displayed, click Login to continue; by default, no user name or password is required. From this Main page, click System, located at the middle of the left-hand side of the screen. Figure 6 System Setti
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| DVAS | Instruction Manual | Before You Begin EN 16 The main frame will change to the Network Settings Web Page Auto Refresh page. Insert the new settings into the text boxes. Determines whether the web pages should be reloaded at a specified interval, to show any changes to the system on-screen. If desired, ensure that the Enabled box is checked. A value (number of seconds) must be specified, to indicate the frequency of refreshing the web page. When all settings have been updated, press Save
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| DVAS | Instruction Manual | Before You Begin EN 17 Check the check box and click Quickstart configure for SCSI ID (x) DVR. Use the drop down menu to choose the desired ID. Termination AUTOMATIC is the default setting and will work with all Bosch DVRs. SCSI Max Transfer Rate Defines the maximum speed of the SCSI bus. The Figure 10 Quick Config Confirmation default setting for the DVAS is Ultra2. This setting should only be changed if the DVR specifies a Quick Config adjusts the settings requir
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| DVAS | Instruction Manual | Before You Begin EN 18 Use the tick boxes to select the drives to be used in the 6. 6 Creating a RAID Set array. As stated earlier, the DVAS is shipped with drives preconfigured for RAID. However, if any of the NOTE: Unused disks are not automatically used as following occurs, you must create a RAID set. spares. •New drives have been added, and are to be part Select RAID Level of the RAID set. Choose the RAID level that best suits your application via the drop down
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| DVAS | Instruction Manual | Before You Begin EN 19 Stages of Array Mapping: Reserve an optional free space area at the • Array Construct: Writes the RAID stripes to beginning of the new volume for future expansion disk. of a previous volume. A volume can only be expanded in this way. Data on a volume must be • Array Verify: Verifies that data can be read sequential; it is not possible to add data on an array from each block of the array. unless it directly follows the volume. Dependant on disk
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| DVAS | Instruction Manual | Bosch GUI EN 20 7 Bosch GUI (Graphic User Interface) 7. 1 Menu Tree Home Information RAID Arrays – Volumes – Drives – Progress – System Information – Disk Statistics – Network Statistics – Bad Blocks – Problems – Event Log – Key RAID Menu Add Array – Add Volume – Expand Volume – Delete Volume – Map Volume – Rename Volume – Rename Array – Delete Array – Add Spare – Delete Spare System Menu SCSI – Network Settings – Network Port – E-Alerts – Date & Time –

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